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⋄ About Me

I'll tell you, and you'll just have to choose to believe it or not. I find it hard to believe myself when I read it, but I was there, and it happened.

Before the age of 7 I had traveled to almost every state in America on a tour bus with the most famous outlaw musicians of the time, who subsequently taught me to play poker. Yes. You should laugh. Its funny, and rediculous. But amusingly, true.

I have been a 5 star chef, a long haul truck driver, a soldier, a graphic designer, a fashion photographer, a linux developer, a missionary, and a vagabond. This section could go on for a long time. But I prefer for that happen over coffee, or while cooking over an open fire. Much of life, after all, boils down to relationships, and experience.

Currently, I live in a tiny home in the woods by a stream with my best friend of many years, two Austrailian shepards, some chickens, and a few solar panels. I like old thinkpads, riding my electric bike, building batteries and water filters, growing things, playing with Linux, OpenBSD, and FOSS technology in general. I am learning C, the myriad uses of awk, sed, and grep, and am still learning how to love people like Jesus, and be a better friend.

⋄ About this site

This site is an experiment in minimalism. A single wordpress installation can use over 100 times the computing power that the moon lander computers had. There is something just... wrong about that.

This site uses no java script, uses about 800 bytes of CSS, and the entire site folder is currently less than 20kb. Everything is written by hand, including the RSS xml. Some Vim key bindings, and a simple rsync script do the rest. The way it used to be done.

To put it another way, it's like Old Man Kincaid said to James Bond in Skyfall, "When all else fails, sometimes the old ways are the best."